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When is it Time to Visit the Emergency Room?

Those not feeling well or facing an injury often struggle with when and how to find medical care. Although one in five Americans will visit the emergency room at least one time each year, it behooves the question: were all of the trips necessary? Knowing when to urgently visit an ER like Hackettstown Regional Medical Center can save you money. There are other professionals to visit when an issue arises, each dedicated to certain type of care.


The emergency room is designed to provide care around the clock to help with life-threatening emergencies, not for urgent care. Urgent care is meant for mild illnesses or minor injuries. The issue is that many Americans misuse the system and end up using the ER for items that can be directed to urgent care.


If you’re experiencing any life-threatening illnesses, head to the emergency room. Persistent chest pain, radiating through your limbs coupled with shortness of breath is a sign of a heart problem. Any breathing concerns should be brought to the emergency room, as well. A change in your mental state, equilibrium, or loss of vision is also some of the most common reasons to head to the ER. Sprains or minor sports injuries should be directed to urgent care or a doctor’s appointment.