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Cardio Renal Diseases and Syndromes

Complex treatment

When a cardio-renal syndrome occurs treatment and patient monitoring is no easy task for specialists, because when the proper functioning of the heart is affected by the malfunction of the kidneys, or vice versa, associated diseases are aggravated . The Heart specialist notes that “the management of these patients is sometimes very difficult because, to treat heart failure diuretic renal dysfunction is exaggerated and diuretics reduce cardiac function deteriorates. A group of these patients benefit from dialysis earlier, and is especially useful peritoneal dialysis.”

Prevention is always better

Although the treatment is complex, preventing these diseases is quite simple. Leaving the snuff, lower consumption of salt we add to our meals or worry about reading labels for the amount of sodium that have packaged foods are some simple care that should be taken. If we add exercise and maintain a balanced diet, prevention will be complete and will help us to improve the functioning of the heart and kidneys, thus preventing future illnesses.

The specialist says “that cardio-renal diseases can be prevented with proper management of blood pressure, optimal control of blood glucose, cholesterol and a diet that decreases the progression of kidney damage. This includes decreased protein intake, excess salt and foods with animal fat. “Together, the abundant grain consumption is recommended, legumes vegetables nuts and lower amounts of fish poultry, eggs and dairy products.

Know the close relationship between the kidneys and heart

11% of adults in the world suffer from kidney disease, which makes them vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, because they are absolutely linked. Here we explain this complex relationship and we give the keys to preventing their occurrence.

Not many know of the direct relationship between heart function and renal system.

And we start explaining it this way: First, the kidneys are responsible for filtering the whole blood circulatory system, “cleaning” daily about 200 liters of it and eliminating waste through urine and other excess water. On the other, the heart is the main organ of the circulatory system responsible for mechanical pump all the blood through our body and especially to the kidneys. This is how the two bodies are closely related.

Associated Diseases

The kidney failure or heart, can generate various diseases, but when a disease begins in the kidney, the patient presented, in 95% of cases, hypertension and cardiovascular disease by 85%. The most common kidney diseases that damage the cardiovascular system are diabetes mellitus and hypertension. “Any kidney disease increases the cardiovascular risk of patients due to increased atherogenesis and hypertension,” said the nephrologist.

Moreover, it is estimated that the prevalence of renal disease in Chile is approximately 11% in the adult population. From early renal damage is associated with a progressive increase in arterial hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy, heart failure and coronary artery disease.