Recovering from a Fall at Home

Salinas chiropractors came in real handy earlier in the week after I took a spill at home while doing some indoor painting. I was up on a ladder laying on some brush strokes in the entry to our home while my wife held the ladder. The phone rang and she dashed off to answer it. The problem there is that I had wireless headphones on and didn’t know she’d left. I tried to move the ladder and the whole thing slid right out from underneath me. I hit the floor hard and immediately felt something go in my back.

She heard me fall, or more likely heard the ladder fall, and rushed back to help me up off the floor. I could barely stand up straight, and any attempt I made to straighten up felt like sheer agony. I had visions of lying in a hospital bed in traction for months because the pain was so bad. Did I break bones? Did I cause permanent and lasting damage? You can never tell with a back injury, that’s for sure. We went to the emergency room and got almost no help from that quarter. All we knew is that there were no broken bones.

I laid in bed for three days before deciding on a chiropractor. We found one online and went in for an appointment. I really hoped they could perform a miracle and get me back on my feet, and that’s just about what happened. The chiropractor listened with sympathy as I explained my accident and he did some stretches and used deep heat and icing to get my back muscles to relax. I could almost feel the moment when my back got better as the muscles unclenched. Sweet relief flowed into my entire body and I feel as good as I did before the accident.

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