It Feels Like a Second Chance

I am the type of person who wants to exhaust all possibilities before going to the last resort. When I was involved in a car accident, it was not whiplash that I had to deal with. My injury was to my lower back. The pain was unbearable at times, and I was worried that I was going to get hooked on prescription pain pills. It was just too easy to take one every time the pain was too much to take. I knew I needed to see a Sacramento chiropractor before it got to that point, because there was no way I was going to consider surgery unless absolutely nothing else worked.

I made an appointment with a chiropractor that came highly recommended. I was not looking for a miracle, and I let him know that upfront. I knew that I had probably years of pain in front of me. I just wanted to be able to minimize it as much as I possibly could, and I wanted to get off of my pain pills before they became too much of a lifeline for me. Well, I thought I was setting him straight up front, but I was the one in for a surprise.

He told me that we should take this one step at a time, and that was fine with me. He did an examination, then he did some imagining tests to see just what was going on in my lower back area. When he told me that he was seeing some minor damage, but the majority of it was from a misaligned spine, I had my first glimmer of hope. He was able to not only get me completely off my pain pills, but I also have no pain now. It feels like I have been given a second chance, and it feels amazing.

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