Types of Therapy After Knee Surgery

There are different types of knee therapy following injury or surgery at the joint. They each have their own set of applications and results.


RICE – Short for rest, ice, compression, and elevation, these guidelines apply to acute knee injuries or immediately following knee surgery. Ice and compression help to limit inflammation in the knee, while rest allows the knee to recover from surgery or injury. Elevating the knee helps to reduce pooling of blood in the joint, which can further lead to inflammation and tenderness.


Physical Therapy – This typically involves strengthening the muscles around the knee that move the joint, as well as increasing flexibility. Physical therapy is a wonderful type of knee surgery therapy that typically has great results if it’s introduced at the right time. Many times knee problems are caused by a muscular imbalance – a physical therapist can recognize which muscles are the culprit of the problem.


Massage, Acupuncture, and Ultrasound – Deep tissue massage helps to break down the scar tissue in the knee, while acupuncture can help to activate specific muscles. Ultrasound is typically used to control the amount of inflammation in the knee.